PinPoint™ Master Educator Program


Here is what you will get delivered right to your inbox each Month (1 Full Instructor Module (12-24 classes)

    • Instructor Intro – How to teach this class
    • Intro to Class (what we are going to learn)
    • Point Location (I demonstrate and explain the points you will be using)
    • Weapons (I demonstrate for you the weapons of the body we will use)
    • Force Multipliers™ (my “secret sauce” that makes the points and the weapons much more effective for you)
    • Technique Instruction (I demonstrate what, how and why you will do each technique)
    • Technique Practice (I demonstrate how you can practice these techniques to get the most benefit)
    • Stress Drills (How to teach your students how to safely practice these techniques under stress.)
    • Instructor Extras Special Instruction specifically designed for instructors only.
    • Class Wrap Up (Summarize for you what we covered in the class)
    • PDF of each Class with a breakdown of each class along with Point Location and diagrams
    • + PinPoint™ Reference Guide included with your subscription.
    • Kyusho Institute Certicate of Membership.
    • Upon successful completion of each section and review (video test), you will receive your next Certificate of completion.

This program is by invite only.

If you are interested in becoming a PinPoint™ Method Master Educator, please fill out the form below and you will be contacted shortly.